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So as of lately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about the future in a lot of different ways. I’m usually a ”go with the flow”  kind of girl but I mean lately the universe has been sending me so much dang epicness in both positive and negative ways. SO it’s been triggering a lot of future-oriented questions in my mind (I’m only gonna address one of my thoughts bc I feel like it’s gonna be super long lol)… Ok so, one thing I’ve been wondering is what this country’s going to be like 5 years from now, how society is gonna be, how the “system” is gonna work, and if a system will even exist for that matter. I’m wondering what mankind, as a whole will be like then. Let’s say the government won’t be here 5 years from now and all we have is each other, how do you think it would be? Would the majority be loving to one another or would it be every man for himself?.. I’ve been doing way more research lately and just being so much more observant in social situations that it makes me think about how most people are very complacent with the mediocre lives they live bc they don’t know any better. The system we live in trains us not to know any better, to stay within their guidelines. We’re all complete consumers bc we have to be to survive in this particular society. As human beings we are capable of the most, we are individuals, we’re the smartest species on this dang planet. Our minds have a fcking universe within them for fucks sake but society dumbs us down with shallow, ignorant media bullshit and we’re satisfied.  We grow up learning to accept this, we adapt to it. We are domesticated human beings.. and they make you think you’re a “bad kid” or a “bad person” if you want to go against these stupid ass rules, if you want to live your life the way you want. …They’ve instilled fear, judgement, and hate in all of our minds when it should have been compassion, acceptance, and love. Which brings me back to what our society might be like 5 years from now, I mean it really all depends on what happens within the 5 years, in my opinion I feel the only way we have a chance of peace among mankind is if we start now. To start the process of reversing what we’ve been trained, bc it is a process for sure. I’m so glad to see something starting with the Occupy movement, we have to start somewhere. It’s tough though bc so many people (especially minorities) are used to this dog-eat-dog world and think that’s all it can be, bc it can be so much more. I hope a change comes fast bc the minorities are the majority and for the most part they have most of us minorities right where they want us. We need to learn to love ourselves first then one another to make a big change.. I’m learning more and more and I plan on sharing my thoughts a lil more bc I’m working on the person I wanna be doe.. ok sooo I’m gonna stop now lol my heart rate’s all high right now bc I’m listening to Skrillex and typing this, it’s way too exciting haha…. okey dokey  so I hope all is good in the hood with you guys and that you guys are happy with your lives.. peace& love y’all.

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